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Bundaberg holistic Practice incorporates a variety of natural healing techniques, natural medicine, therapies and remedies to gently but powerfully bring the body, mind and emotions back into balance.

Sonya Hasted - Fully Qualified Natural Therapist

Sonya a registered homoeopath since 2002 with 10 years experience, Bowen Therapist since 2005 with 8 years experience and recently a Polarity Therapist, provides knowledge and clinical experience to help guide you while on your quest of healing and health. Sonya is currently studying Chromo therapy, which is colour therapy applied to acupuncture points on the body to correct and balance holistically.

Sandie is a massage therapist with 12 years experience, Reiki Master/teacher for 16 years, Meridian Balancing for 2 years and recently became a Polarity Therapist. Sandie is now currently studying Western herbal Medicine.

This journey to health and healing requires knowledge of how the body/organs/cells work; awareness of what is happening in the body when you experience pain or other symptoms; and understanding when to use certain self- healing techniques, natural medicine, oils, remedies, food, exercise etc. when needed. Both practitioners are extremely caring and compassionate and want to inform their clients but are not responsible for your healing path – it is a conscious choice that you make.

Health and healing is about cellular regeneration, not obliteration, removal of symptoms of disease, not suppression and a gentle restoration of well-being. BHP wants to share this knowledge, wisdom and experience with those who are genuine in their quest to seek it and re-ignite their passion for life. Contact us in touch with us to arrange a consultation at Bundaberg store.

Learn more about preventative natural medicine and take responsibility for your health!

News & Updates

  • important News – I am oversea

    From 02 October to the 17th November, I am in America. Yay…… If you are choosing to order or send email i may not be able to contact you or send the order until I return. Sorry for any inconvenience…..   Sonya Hasted
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    Posted: 30th September, 2015

Client Reviews

  • Professional treatment and advice

    My First treatment with Sonya, went really well. I went to her with, among other problems, an intermittent annoying dull ache on the right side of my tummy. She poked, rubbed, held and talked a lot during the treatment. The next morning I tried to go to the loo but couldn’t, after a little while
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    Posted: 14th July, 2013